Straub Distributing

Payment Options

By default all accounts with Straub Distributing are set to accept COD via Check or Money Order at the time of your delivery. If you would like to explore other payment methods or credit terms please select your preferred method below and submit the form to our credit department ([email protected]):

When choosing keep in mind with FTNI you will have to manually choose your method to pay each invoice. Fintech will automatically withdraw the amount.

To Access the FTNI Payment Portal after registering:

If you have any questions our credit department can be reached below:

[email protected]


Magaret Landeros (Ext. 3114)

Adriana Ramirez (Ext. 3128)

Kerry Babbitt (Ext. 3132)

Maria Arellano (Ext. 3134)

Margarita Perez (Ext. 3130)

Fax: 714-779-4711

Order Online / view Invoices with BEES

Online Payment via BEES is currently not available, but you can view prior invoices and place orders.